Course Rules

USGA and the following local rules shall govern all play:
  • Dress Code Enforced: Shirts must be worn at all times.
  • Indian Bluff Golf Course is a soft spikes facility. Soft spikes or flat soled shoes only. No metal spikes, boots, etc.
  • Food and beverages: All food and beverages consumed at Indian Bluff Golf Course must be purchased at Indian Bluff.
  • Out of bounds: White stakes on #1 and #2, fence behind #3 green, left side of #4 and #6. Penalty stroke and distance.
  • Only paid players are allowed on the golf course.
  • Each player must have a bag and three clubs.
  • Staked trees and flowerbeds: when they interfere with stance or swing, ball must be dropped - no penalty.
  • No starting on #10 without permission from the pro shop.
  • Players coming from #9 have the right-of-way on #10 tee at all times except during scheduled league play, when groups from #9 will alternate with groups from the league.
  • No practicing is allowed on the course.
  • Please replace divots.
  • Repair ball marks.
  • Rake traps.
  • Keep all carts at least 30 feet from the tees and greens.
  • Slow players should allow faster players to play through.
Indian Bluff Golf Coure Policies: